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Its Realizations

Six routes have been established across Normandy which lead in from various parts of France and Europe. To introduce you to these trails, the association organises a walk at the end of September each year with a number of events along the way (exhibitions, tours, discussions, concerts…).

The English Pilgrims’ Ways, opened in September 1999

Follow in the footsteps of the English pilgrims who used to set off from Winchester Cathedral. Arriving in France they took either the inland route from the port at Barfleur or the coastal route from the port of Cherbourg.

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Itinéraire de Pèlerins, Les Chemins aux Anglais. Au départ de Cherbourg et de Barfleur, Vire, Ed. Association « Les Chemins du Mont-Saint-Michel », avril 2006, 112 pages, 18 fiches descriptives, 14 € (disponible en librairie ou auprès de l’Association)

In England

You could also take the English part of the trail following the Pilgrims’ Trail. This is 45 km long (28 miles) linking Winchester Cathedral with Portsmouth. See the guide available from Hampshire County Council.

For further information, contact: Hampshire County Council, Information Centre, High Street, Winchester, Hants, SO23 8ZB, United Kingdom.

The Paris and Chartres routes, opened in May 2003

Follow one of the ancient main routes which led to Mont-Saint-Michel from Paris, capital of the French kingdom, or from the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Chartres.

At present only the last halves of these two routes have been way-marked and resurfaced:

- L’Aigle to Mont-Saint-Michel on the Paris route

- Saint-Hilaire-sur-Erre (in the Perche, a few kilometres from Nogent-le-Rotrou) to Mont-Saint-Michel on the Chartres route.

Full reinstatement is planned for 2009. Until then, contact the association for suggested routes linking Chartres and Paris with Mont-Saint-Michel.

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Itinéraire de Pèlerins de l’Orne au Mont-saint-Michel, Vire, Ed. Association « les Chemins du Mont-Saint-Michel », 2003, 112 pages, 22 fiches descriptives, 13 € (disponible en librairie ou auprès de l’Association)

The Dukes of Normandy routes, from Caen and Rouen

Follow the routes taken by Norman pilgrims in their thousands across the old Duchy of Normandy. The Caen route opened in 2001 and Rouen route was inaugurated in 2004.

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Itinéraire de Pèlerins, Les Chemins des Ducs de Normandie. Au départ de Caen et de Rouen, Vire, Ed. Association « les Chemins du Mont-Saint-Michel », mars 2005, 120 pages, 26 fiches descriptives, 15 € (disponible en librairie ou auprès de l’Association)

From Mont-Saint-Michel to Santiago de Compostella

In order to link these two great sanctuaries, the association Chemins du Mont-Saint-Michel has signed amical accords with associations of the Friends of St Iago de Compostella in Anjou, Brittany and Normandy.

Today there are two routes linking Mont-Saint-Michel with Saint-Jean-d’Angély where they join the route from Tours to St Iago de Compostella.

The first of these crosses Brittany and the Vendée via Pontorson, Rennnes, Nantes, Montaigu and Surgères.

The second goes via Saint-James, Fougères, Vitré, Pouancé, Angers, Le Puy-Notre-Dame, Parthenay and Niort.

These two routes are way-marked in both directions. Those heading south to St Iago (the Jacquets) follow the Compostella ‘scallop shell’ signs and share the trail with those heading north to Mont-Saint-Michel (the Miquelots) who follow the Saint-Michel logos.

Historical conferences

Owing to popular demand for greater knowledge of pilgrimage and the cult of St Michael, the association organises a bi-annual day-long conference on the Spring St Michaels Day (8 May). The findings are published by the association the following year.

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Actes des Rencontres historiques d’Ardevon, Chemins et pèlerins, 27 septembre 2002, Vire, Ed. l’Association « les Chemins du Mont-saint-Michel », 2003, 158 pages, 13 € (disponible auprès de l’Association)

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Actes des 2e Rencontres historiques d’Ardevon, Les Chemins au Mont-Saint-Michel dans la littérature et dans les textes, 8 mai 2004, Vire, Ed. par l’Association « les Chemins du Mont-saint-Michel », 2005, 126 pages, 11 € (disponible auprès de l’Association)

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