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Normand tracks / map

The way of :

The way from CAEN
The way from ROUEN

carte Chemins normands

Les chemins The way from CAEN

Afficher Chemin de Caen sur une carte plus grande
Caen has been an important stop for travellers and pilgrims since the early middle ages. In 1083 Caponière Street leading out of the town was reffered to as "the street leading to Mont St Michel". The shortest way from Caen used to be through Viller-Bocage, but now it has become a motorway. Instead we can take another ancient way, along the Roman road connecting Vieux with Avranches. This route was used by travellers, and for the transport (...)


Les chemins The way from ROUEN

Afficher Chemin de Rouen 1 sur une carte plus grande
Afficher Chemin de Rouen 2 sur une carte plus grande
For pilgrims and travellers arriving from Picardy or Flanders, Rouen the old capital of the former duchy of Normandy, was a bustling city. From the great Cathedral to the fine timber-framed town houses, many monuments remain to remind us of the city’s former great wealth and influence.
There were several possibilities when planning a journey from here to Mont St Michel. The path (...)


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