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Itinéraire culturel du Conseil de l´Europe
Conseil de l´Europe

From Rouen to Mont-Saint-Michel today

Rouen to Mont Saint Michel Most of the French kings up to the sixteenth century would have made the pilgrimage from Rouen to Mont-Saint-Michel (...)


Mont St Michel Routes, a cultural and touristical project

To provide quality tourism while linking isolated places with little tourism, Les Chemins du Mont-Saint-Michel applies academic research, (...)


Mont St Michel Routes and "Miquelots"

Several million people like and take part in long distance walking and thus potential Mont-Saint-Michel Walkers, or ‘Miquelots’. The project also (...)


Mont St Michel Routes and Environnment

Through walks and all-terrain cycling (the guides offer alternative cycle routes) the association hopes to encourage gentle travel which respects (...)


Mont St Michel Routes, an European network

Les Chemins du Mont-Saint-Michel, as in the Middle Ages, is part of a European network which includes in particular the Compostela trails. (...)


News on Mt saint Michel



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