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Mont St Michel Routes, an European network

Les Chemins du Mont-Saint-Michel, as in the Middle Ages, is part of a European network which includes in particular the Compostela trails. Mediaeval pilgrims travelling to Mont-Saint-Michel from England and Ireland often continued on to Santiago di Compostela. Today the association and its partners have created three trails sign-posted in both directions (towards the Mont or towards Santiago). Les Chemins du Mont also point to Italy and above all to Monte Gargano ever since the Mont abbey was founded in 708. The presence of Normans in southern Italy only strengthened these ties in the Xlth and Xllth centuries. For several years the association has worked with various partners to create a trail linking the Mont with Gargano via Sacra di San Michele (Piedmont) and in association with La Vie Francigene and the ‘European network of sites and trails of Saint Michael’, which was created in 2013. The association is a member of the ‘Fédération française des itinéraires culturels européens’ and has an international scientific committee of 60 members working in conjunction with several European universities.

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